Our Winter & Valentine's Day Collection is NOW Available on the site! We are on a 7 - 10 day turnaround as of 1.15.2021. Thanks for all the support in 2020!!

Fundraising Events

  If you are interested in hosting a FUNdraiser for your organization with us here are some things you need to know!
  • Each guest will receive a 14" x 17" sign and that includes all of the supplies to create your signs, plus instructed help from one of our Master Instructors!
  • Price per guest is $45/guest with $10/guest going back to the organization. 
  • Each guest reserves their spot and chooses their design through a private link set up on the website.
  • All guests MUST reserve their spots 7 days prior to the event date.
  • There is a minimum of 10 guests. If we do not reach the minimum each guest will be refunded and the fundraiser will be cancelled. 
  • Each event will have 15-20 of our most popular choices to choose from with some of them being a personalized option. 
  • Once the party is over, we will tally up the amount of guests and send the amount to the organization or person in charge within a week of the party.
  • Food and drinks are allowed!
  • If you have a 501(c)3 form, we would like to have that as we set up the party link. If you do not, please message us to discuss the fundraiser.
  • Our storefront has closed, but we are willing to travel or do virtual parties or you can always pick up our kits.
  • Please message us to check out our options.