What's in a name?

What's in a name?

I have so many guests come through the shop and ask, what does A Pinch of Salt mean? Some get so confused and think we have something to do with cooking or there's salt in the way we paint. Here is the real background story.

One night during our Small Group meeting with my church friends, our group leader at the time was talking about salt and the reference in the bible and real life. He said the words a pinch of salt, and that was it!

Salt can be used to bring out the flavor already present in the food but too much can be dangerous to your health, a pinch is just enough. Salt has so many purposes and we use it almost daily. Salt seems like an ordinary thing but we need it in our lives. 

When Jesus said you are "the SALT of the Earth" he is wanting you to flavor someone's life. We hope with all the celebrations we have at our shop and all the guests who have had such a great time creating with us, leave the shop with confidence and happiness! We have so many people come in and say, "I didn't think I could do this" or "I am not crafty or artistic but I love my sign, I can't believe I did this" That is why we do what we do, hoping to be the "salt of the Earth" and spreading happiness and positivity!


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