Fourth of July Tiered Tray Kit

Our Fun 4th if July Tiered Tray Kit

How are you spending your 4th of July and do you decorate for the holiday? I personally love to decorate in Red, White & Blue! I feel like it's just classic colors that can be displayed all Summer long. Here is one of our tiered tray kits we offered this year, it was definitely a favorite for many. We used Valspar Classic Red, Valspar 4000 Flat White, (my favorite color of all time)Valspar Safari Brown and Valspars Navy Blue. Our wooden bead garland was made using  20mm Wooden Beads from Amazon. The sno cone and bomb pop were painting using an ombre technique, where the paint just blends together. For most of our kits we use Lochtite Super Glue. We try to fit in some larger pieces throughout the tray to help with holding pieces up, making a nice backdrop on the tray and to fill in spaces. This tray show was purchased from Hobby Lobby.


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